5 Daenerys Targaryen Makeup Tutorials That Will Make Everyone Bend the Knee This Halloween

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Thinking of transforming into Game of Thrones’ gentle-hearted (yet irrefutably badass) Mother of Dragons for Halloween this year? You may have already thrown together your costume and braided your platinum wig (if you’re not naturally a silver-haired Targaryen) but if you really want to make fellow party goers bend the knee, you’re going to need the proper face.

No—we’re not talking about becoming one of The Faceless Men and actually wearing Emilia Clarke’s face—we’re talking about the all-powerful magic of makeup. That’s right—by following any of these 5 strikingly on-point and creative Khaleesi makeup tutorials, you too can boast the face of Daenerys Targaryen and take the Iron Throne for yourself this Halloween.

1. Carli Bybel

Beauty influencer Carli Bybel may have a bit of an advantage here as she already somewhat resembles the Mother of Dragons— but don’t let that discourage you! You too can achieve this commander Khaleesi look that is most representative of the Season 7 Dragonstone dwelling Daenerys.

To recreate the fiery smolder of the Dragon Queen, Carli shows you don’t actually need to go crazy with the eye shadow and liner— on the show, Daenerys always keeps her makeup super natural. In fact, just a little rosy blush and a fleshy-pink pout is enough to capture Daenerys’ “I woke up like this” beauty routine.

2. Miranda Hedman

In this mesmerizing transformation, Miranda Hedman proves brows really are everythingwhen it comes to recreating the iconic look of the Khaleesi; if you take only one thing away from any of these tutorials, for the love of gods, don’t skimp on Daenerys’ signature dark, full brows!

Miranda also does a great job explaining what techniques you need to use to make your natural facial features reflect those of Emilia Clarke. If you have a little extra time to spare before your reign over Westeros begins, just a few simple contour tricks and the right flick of your eyeliner can completely transform your face into Daenerys Targaryen.

3. Glam & Gore

There are a lot of incredible Daenerys Targaryen transformations and tutorials out there, but what if you’re not looking to replicate the classic, same old ‘fresh-faced and perfect curls’ Khaleesi? What if you’re going for more of the ‘straight-outta-the-red-waste, just ate a raw horse heart’ Khaleesi? Well, don’t worry, because special FX makeup artist Glam & Gore has got you covered.

Not only is this one of the most original Khaleesi makeup tutorials, it’s also the goriest— and therefore the most Halloween appropriate. This is a look that would definitely make Drogo proud— and one that is deserving of your very own Dothraki Khalessar.

*Warning!* If you don’t have edible or non-toxic blood gel, don’t put your faux horse heart in your mouth!

4. Michelle Phan

Probably the most beginner-friendly tutorial of the list, beauty guru Michelle Phan recreates that easy-breezy-beautiful dragon girl look with just a few simple steps— so you can spend less time in the makeup chair and more time figuring out how to cross The Narrow Sea and get to your party.

Influenced by Khaleesi’s angelic and docile wedding ceremony look, Michelle proves even if the shape or color of your eyes is different from Emilia Clarke, it only takes a little crease definition to create depth— as Emilia’s eyes are deeply set and very round— and the blue eyes can easily be achieved with contacts. She also shares how you can reshape your lips with just a little concealer and liner to match Daenerys’ full-lipped pout.

5. Keilidh Mua

Drogon, is that you? Well, Keilidh definitely scores for the most inventive Khaleesi tutorial—even if we’ve never actually seen Daenerys Targaryen boast a scaly dragon eye on the show before. Either way, this look is totally badass, and takes the whole “Blood of the Dragon” claim to a whole new level.

While it may not be best suited for the novice at makeup, Keilidh breaks down the steps to achieve this special FX look and links the exact products she used in her video. If you’re brave enough to try this look where the “Mother of Dragons” literally collides with her “dragon children,” no one in all The Seven Kingdoms will dare mess with you.  Dracarys!

During a year where Game of Thrones will no doubt inspire a number of Halloween costumes and cosplay alike, if you want to set yourself apart from the hordes of basic Daenerys’ out there, you need to go the extra mile and do your face right. Whether you’re going as the Red Waste burlap-chic Khaleesi or the blue-caped Breaker of Chains, there is a makeup tutorial here to convince everyone you are the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

What is your favorite Khaleesi transformation? Comment below!



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