We Want Stevana: 3 Ways to Reunite Steve Trevor and Diana in ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

One thought on “We Want Stevana: 3 Ways to Reunite Steve Trevor and Diana in ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel”

  1. I originally saw Wonder Woman the first time (I’ve seen it 8 times so far) was because Chris Pine was in it. Once viewing, I could not keep my eyes off Gal Gadot who was mesmerizing. Together they were wonderful and I agree that they had a mutual respect for each other and both held high moral values based on the worlds they came from.

    I am concerned about bringing Steve back. The ending though tragic was equally beautiful and filled with heart. Steve enabled Diana to become who she ultimately became; a powerful being filled with love and compassion for others.

    I think the idea of him being raised from the dead is the only way to resurrect him. He would still be the same Steve; same mind, heart, memories and gorgeous body and soul. And it would be entertaining to see Diana school Steve in the late 1980s where the next plot is likely to unfold. Science fiction and fantasy worlds create all kinds of possibilities. Let Steve remain Steve and see where this new chapter in their relationship takes them. But let us not forget that Wonder Woman is a powerful being in her own right with her own missions to save the world. But it is nice to have along a worthy companion in Steve Trevor (as played only by Chris Pine).


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