We Want Stevana: 3 Ways to Reunite Steve Trevor and Diana in ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

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Now that #WonderWoman has grossed over a whopping $700 million and fans and critics alike can’t shut the heck up about it, we already know some things about the inevitable sequel for this #DCEU darling.  With Patty Jenkins most likely again at the helm, rumors of a 1980s Cold War setting have already been teased for Wonder Woman 2, but what still remains a (very serious) question is whether or not the charming WWI allied-spy, Steve Trevor, will return to Diana in some way to be part of future films—and if so, how exactly could the writers make this happen?

I know what you’re thinking.  Uh, didn’t Steve Trevor sacrificially fly off into a big, bright orange explosion in the sky?  Well, yes, he did—thanks for making me ugly cry all over again.  But we have to remember this is comic book storytelling, and as we’ve learned from Captain America, flying your plane into explosions in the sky doesn’t always mean ‘game over.’  When you’re dealing with the likes of time-traveling, alternate universes and Greek gods, you’ll find pretty much no death is certain.

So first, let’s look at WHY the writers should bring him back.

Let’s hear it for the boy!

While it goes without saying that #GalGadot’s Wonder Woman kicked some major ass and truly commanded the spotlight of her superheroine’s origin story, with Gadot’s best acting found in moments of endearing naivete and her pure-hearted convictions—we have to give the boy a hand!  #ChrisPine’s cynical yet earnest Steve Trevor was the perfect partner for the fearless and headstrong Princess of the Amazons.  Pine stole the hearts of many in this delightful treat of a casting role, playing the character so genuinely, people frankly just aren’t ready to say good-bye to him.


Speaking to Fandango, Patty Jenkins did not denounce the possibility of Chris Pine returning for future films, but admits it would be a challenge to do so.

“It’s something I hope we don’t talk about in the public [because] I want people to see, but it’s very hard to know which characters will be in the next movie because of the time period, so it’s a big question.”

Not only would it be wise for Warner Bros. to somehow keep Pine involved in possible sequels for his caliber of acting alone, but the chemistry between Pine and Gadot—therefore between Steve and Diana (#Stevana?)—is absolute magic on screen.  Even in their simplest of comical banters in Wonder Woman, they captivate in a way I can’t foresee audiences letting a new actor, let alone a brand new “love interest” for Diana, have the same gush-worthy effect on them in future films.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Diana and Steve’s “love story” is one all comic book romances should seriously take notes on. 

Even in the face of Steve’s very definitive death, people are refusing to give up hope on this couple because this film masterfully avoids the typical “love interest” tropes of the genre, delivering a relationship worth rallying behind because it first delivers two separate characters—not just one, that are each compelling and strong in their own convictions.

Diana and Steve’s relationship exemplifies what a non-sexist, mutually respectful and equally inspiring couple should look like in film and television—from as early as their very first encounter.  When Diana rescues a drowning Steve from the water after his plane crashes into Themyscira, she is merely intrigued by his opposing sex rather than being all *heart eyes* over him.   Same goes for Steve, who was more concerned about getting back to the war than getting it on, because he had some pretty important shit to do and couldn’t be distracted by an island full of attractive women.


Eliminating the love-at-first-sight cliché, the two first shared a platonic admiration for the other, forming a strong camaraderie and friendship that was beautiful in and of itself.  In fact, their relationship didn’t even hint to anything romantic until they shared a tender moment where Steve teaches Diana how to dance in the snow.

This moment between the two feels well-earned due to the perfect pacing of their relationship, and comes after their collaborative defeat of a German outpost, which makes us believe whole-heartedly in them as a team before a romance.  Although, the way Steve gently brushes her hair back while they were dancing did kind of make my heart explode.

He saved the day so Diana could save the world.

Nearing the end of the film we see Steve make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save thousands of lives, telling Diana “I can save today, you can save the world.”  So as if we didn’t already adore him enough, he goes out in the most selflessly heroic way possible—and with the happiest smile on his face, BLESS HIM, but not before leaving Diana with his watch, saying “I wish we had more time.  I love you.” Do you hear that?  It’s the sound of my heart shattering into a million pieces.

Diana Wonder Woman Steve Death

Diana’s utter devastation in losing Steve is heart-wrenching, but sets fire to her soul, allowing her the strength to conjure new powers and deliver her destiny in defeating Ares.

Even after having our hearts ripped out by the loss of such a man as Steve Trevor, the end of the film asks us to feel comforted in the fact that good ol’ Bruce Wayne has brought Steve back to Diana in the form of an old black and white photo.  But no, sorry.  That just doesn’t cut it for me.

So now let’s explore the best ways we can bring the physical, tangible, living-breathing Steve Trevor back to Diana, and fill the empty hole that has burdened her poor soul for over 100 years— because damn, if that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.

1. Time Travel

This one might not conceivably be the easiest to pull off, but think about it for a second—could this potential plot-line have been heavily foreshadowed in Wonder Woman? There certainly were a lot of references exchanged between Diana and Steve involving the concept of time—Diana first questions Steve about his watch in the caves of Themyscira, and he later slips this same watch into her hands right before his tragic death— and just to reiterate, one of the last things he says to her is “I wish we had more time.”

But if time travel is the vehicle they choose for bringing Steve back to Diana, will it end in euphoria or sorrow? Will Steve be able to come back to present time with Diana, or will he remain frozen in a time where the world is forever at war?

Steve Trevor Wonder Woman

2. Resurrected by Aphrodite

This happens to be a story-line that canonically occurred in the comics around the mid-1970s, so the chances of this transcending to the big screen are a strong possibility.  I would also be the most okay with this option of resurrecting Steve Trevor, just as long as he isn’t a dull, lifeless ghost in the shell of the noble, magnificent man Diana fell in love with all those years ago.  Watching Diana suffer further with beholding the vessel of the man she knew and loved, but having him be a lost, empty soul stuck between the realms of the living in the dead—is just not something I would enjoy seeing.  Nope.  That is a pain I don’t think I’d ever recover from.

However, if they are somehow able to revive Steve Trevor as the same heart and soul, as well as have him continue sporting the same lovely face of Chris Pine, I would totally be on board with this story-line.  Not only would it be a thrilling change of pace to see Diana navigating in her own universe of demigods and Greek mythology—much like seeing Thor interact in his own world of Norse mythology—but it would be both a satisfying and highly entertaining role reversal to have Diana taking the lead, orienting Steve to all the wonders of the 21st century.  I mean could you imagine?  This one makes my heart feel so full it could burst.

Steve and Wonder Woman

3. Reincarnation

While I am less than thrilled by this idea, it is better than the possibility of bringing Chris Pine back to play the role of a Steve Trevor descendant—which gross, because then it wouldn’t be Steve Trevor at all, and that is just wrong on so many levels!  Although I am a little nervous there could have been a subtle hint about this idea as well, as Steve mentions “having babies” as one of the things people do when there is no war.  Is it possible a little Steve Trevor baby was running around, unbeknownst to the father?

Ugh, let’s just pretend that the writers would never do that to us, and consider reincarnation.  In different variations of the comics, Steve was canonically revived through reincarnation many times over the years.  While he had different names and backstories, he always had the same face and appearance.  So this could theoretically work with the purposes of both bringing Pine back as Gadot’s co-star, as well as keeping the Steve Trevor-esque qualities of his character vital.  What would hurt my soul in this scenario, however, is if Pine’s character does not “remember” Diana, or if the reincarnated Steve already has a wife and family.  *Dear Writers, please for the sake of all that is good, don’t allow this to happen.*

Steve Trevor I-can't-let-you-do-this

Considering some of the worst possible reunions the writers could dish up, I admit I would rather the relationship between Steve and Diana to conclude on the note it did in Wonder Woman.  Steve would have an epic bow out of the story, and we as the viewers, as well as Diana as his once lover, would forever have nothing but warmth and respect for his character, even if we continue mourning his loss—and the wonderful relationship there was to be—for years to come.

What do you think?  Which way should the writers bring Steve back for sequels? Or is it best to let him go down a hero?

Steve Trevor Wonder Woman

Sources: Fandango, Time, comicbook.com


One thought on “We Want Stevana: 3 Ways to Reunite Steve Trevor and Diana in ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

  1. I originally saw Wonder Woman the first time (I’ve seen it 8 times so far) was because Chris Pine was in it. Once viewing, I could not keep my eyes off Gal Gadot who was mesmerizing. Together they were wonderful and I agree that they had a mutual respect for each other and both held high moral values based on the worlds they came from.

    I am concerned about bringing Steve back. The ending though tragic was equally beautiful and filled with heart. Steve enabled Diana to become who she ultimately became; a powerful being filled with love and compassion for others.

    I think the idea of him being raised from the dead is the only way to resurrect him. He would still be the same Steve; same mind, heart, memories and gorgeous body and soul. And it would be entertaining to see Diana school Steve in the late 1980s where the next plot is likely to unfold. Science fiction and fantasy worlds create all kinds of possibilities. Let Steve remain Steve and see where this new chapter in their relationship takes them. But let us not forget that Wonder Woman is a powerful being in her own right with her own missions to save the world. But it is nice to have along a worthy companion in Steve Trevor (as played only by Chris Pine).


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