Reactions to Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser: The World is Turning Upside Down

I may not have tuned in for a single blip of the Super Bowl this year, but you can bet your ass I jumped on the Season 2 Stranger Things trailer as soon as I heard it aired.  After replaying the 30 second teaser over and over looking for any sort of clue as to what madness is about to descend on the little town of Hawkins, Indiana, here are my reactions to the trailer and thoughts on the upcoming season, which premieres this Halloween.

1.) Leggo my Eggo

I thought opening with the authentic 80’s commercial was such a cool nod to Eleven’s strange love for Eggo waffles. Quickly after this intro we see Elle’s face flipped upside down (oooh, get it?) and it looks like we are picking up right where we left off with the finale of season 1, as we hear Mike calling out for Eleven, presumably right after she brain-banished the Demogorgon into oblivion.

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2.) Who you gonna call?

The Ghost Buster Halloween costumes seem scarily appropriate for our seasoned monster-hunters Mike, Dustin and Lucas, however they look a little too high quality to be the typical 80’s era costuming—I’m thinking Mrs. Wheeler had to bust out her sewing machine to make these bad boys happen.  With this promise of a Halloween-themed episode, I’m anxious to see what influences the Duffer Brothers will adopt from the ultimate classic, Halloween.

3.) The Secret Cabin?

It definitely looks like my girl Eleven will be making a comeback from the Upside Down this season. It also appears, like many of us thought during the season 1 finale, that Hopper has something to do with looking out for Eleven—and providing her with an endless supply of waffles.  Hopper makes an appearance in the trailer, as the dark room around him is suddenly obliterated by the blow of some unseen force.  The room appears to be a cabin (judging by the deer head in the back ground) and my guess would be that we’ll see more from this scene in episode 7, “The Secret Cabin.”

4.) The Boy who came back to life

Your brain is sure to get a little scrambled after spending so much time running around in the dark, wet void of the Upside Down, especially when a creature with a giant, evil mouth for a face is trying to eat you every waking moment. In the trailer we see a shot of Will Meyers at what looks like a mental facility of some kind, and we know puking up slugs is a residual side-effect of having a tentacle-esque tube shoved down your throat attempting to harvest your insides, but now that Will has a connection to this other dimension, is it possible that he’s the one who’s brought forth these monsters into our world?

Image result for stranger things 2 trailer

5.)  Thessal-whaa??

During the final scene of the season 1 finale when the boys are playing Dungeons and Dragons, the creature called “Thessalhydra” was described as having “seven heads” that grow back when you chop them off.  In the last shot of the season 2 trailer, the monstrous hell-spider-thing looming in over the clouds of the red storm appears to have seven legs (so, maybe not a spider??).  Much like the Demogorgon, could this be another monster from The Upside Down that was accurately prophesied  by the boys during a good ol’ game of D&D?

By the way,  did this eerie silhouette of multi-legged impending doom remind anyone else of the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist?  Is it coincidence that those terrifying creatures ascended from a hellish alter-dimension through a tear in the reality of our world as well? Not likely, as the Duffer Brothers have tipped many a hat to the King.

Think I’ll go watch The Mist or War of the Worlds to pass the time while I wait for the mass chaos that is sure to be underway in season 2.

What predictions can you make based off this list of season 2 episode titles?

  1. MAD MAX

3 thoughts on “Reactions to Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser: The World is Turning Upside Down

  1. Great reaction post, I actually didn’t even know there was a trailer for season 2 yet! Do you ever share your work on any film sites? I’m a community manager over here at and if you’re interested, would love to invite you to share some of your work on our site!


      1. Hey Jennifer, you’re more than welcome! If you like I can send you some more info on how to get started via email. Feel free to write me on your own time as well, my contact details are in my ‘about me’.


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