First blog post

img_8230As appropriately titled, this is my very first blog post!  I wanted to use this post to take a moment to share my hopes for the future of this blog, and a little of what you can expect from me, the author.

I’m an avid reader of the horror genre, partake in my fair share of Netflix binges, and every once in a while I’ll indulge in a little Harry Potter nostalgia. I’m the type of person who always has something to say about whatever form of media I just consumed, and I’ll talk your ear off about it, if you’ll let me.  However, I’ve found my opinions and revelations about film and books come across much more coherently when I write them down, rather than ramble on and on without taking a breath like a lunatic.  So what better way to collect my thoughts other than a blog?  Basically, if you’re the type of person interested in further discussing your love for fictional stories and characters, you’ll be in good hands here. Let’s talk nerdy.

Just so you can get to know me a little (and know what to expect from this blog), I thought I’d share my Top 10 favorite TV shows that I will most likely be ranting about at one point or another.  If you can get down with any of the following shows, just know I like you already.

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. Stranger Things
  4. Mr. Robot
  5. Game of Thrones
  6. Shameless
  7. Westworld
  8. Orange is the New Black
  9. Vikings
  10. American Horror Story

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